Human Resources the Most Important

April 8, 2015

Human Resources the Most Important.



Connecting to Prayer

April 7, 2015

Photo Credit: Bo Sanchez

Connecting to Prayer.

The Will to Forgive is Divine

April 3, 2015

The Will to Forgive is Divine.

Raspberries in Philippines

March 24, 2015


I was walking along the streets of San Pablo looking for the right jeepney to reach a friend and these bright tiny little red buttons caught my sight: raspberries.   It looked so enticing.  I asked how much and she said 10 Pesos per shot glass.  Without hesitation I bought out a coin.  She asked me which of the crystal powder I want to sprinkle it with.  Since this is a first time for me to taste fresh raspberries sold on street,  I answered whatever is best.  So she put a little salt and more sugar then did a gentle shaking on the small bag.  It came out like sugar coated red candies.  She then handed it over to me.  But before I took a piece,  I asked permission if I can take a photo to which she gladly complied.   I knelt down to be of the same level as the vendor put my Samsung note 3 mobile phone camera close and uttered smile ate! Click!  The image of a shy vendor appeared behind the bright red berries captured frozen in a digitalized print provoked a smile on my face.  I then thanked the lady, got up from my feet and started to cross the street as my hand bear some fingers looking good.  Upon reaching the other side of the street my fingers transformed into crab claws and begin to clamp gently unto a delicate little piece.  The feel  of the sugary crystals on my fingers begins to switch on signals to salivate.  So, when I finally popped it inside my mouth it immediately get crushed between my tongue and palate bursting a mild sour flavor slowly melting the crystals for a spark of sweet and salty taste.   It was a refreshing. Sticky red fingers was the end result but a fresh raspberry snack is a refreshing, natural and nutritious approach to street food.


NovaMars Marketing

Tiaong Quezon

Distributor of Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin


February 28, 2015

Mag 30 days Beauty Skin Challenge bago mag graduation. Sa loob ng 3 hanggang 7 araw garantisadong gaganda ang iyong kutis.

Lamyarda's Weblog

(Continuation from Part 3: Your Beauty and Brain )

A 96 km bus ride is not so long a distance when you feel there is something beautiful instore for you. Tiredness dissipates as I recall the joy emanating from the flawless skin of staff and clients of Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin. Fired by hope that I too can have that beautiful skin, I then gazed to the sky and declared to the stars ” I am engaging myself to a 30 days Skin Beauty Challenge”

The 30 Days Beauty Skin Challenge

Waking up with a goal brings excitement into the day. The Skin Beauty Challenge with Rejuvenating Kit and Placenta Cream of Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin makes me feels like a new chapter is beginning.
The first day is already a feeling of tightening of the skin. The second and third day are a…

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The Road to Peace is the road to become a Child of God.

February 18, 2015

<a href="image” title=”Pray for your enemies”>The Road to Peace is the road to become a Child of God..

Good Bye sa Balat Serena

February 16, 2015

Good Bye sa Balat Serena.

Gust Mo Bang Gumanda sa Valentines Day?

February 9, 2015

Gust Mo Bang Gumanda sa Valentines Day?.

Positivity is Happiness Magnet: A Witness and Testimony

February 8, 2015

Positivity is Happiness Magnet: A Witness and Testimony.

Miracle Berry and Bonus Angel

February 5, 2015


Visiting Ma’am Annie Certeza Palmares of CCA MANILA

It never occurred to me that my blogging will bring my feet back to where I was 10 years ago.   Since I started writing for a product, I begin to frequent trips to Manila.   In order to put more value into my trips,  I decided to meet some of my friends.   Today,  I decided to accept the invitation of Ma’am Annie Certeza Palmares, PR Manager of Center for Culinary Arts or simply CCA. 

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